Perfect People Are Not Easily Offended

Ten years ago, I felt offended most of the time. It was horrible: I was miserable and fearful, and it put a strain on my relationships, as my friends and relations struggled to communicate with me without either inducing angry floods of tears or being frozen out and ignored for months. Looking back on it, […]

How to Change Your Habits

Our habits shape our lives, sometimes more than we realise. In The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson highlights how it’s the things we do (or don’t do) every day that ultimately make the difference between a successful, fulfilling life and a disappointing one. It’s rarely about the big break; success is built on gradual, regular plugging away […]

Do You Talk Too Much? If So, Why?

Talking is a basic human need and serves many useful purposes: through it, we can process our thoughts and feelings, share our ideas, communicate and connect with other people. Talking things over sustains relationships, sparks creativity and prevents wars; being listened to can be comforting, reassuring and empowering. The system’s success depends on each person talking […]

When Parental Advice Causes Problems

With very few exceptions, all parents want their children to grow up safe and happy, and their advice is given to that end. Many, many parents leave their children a great legacy of sound and inspiring life lessons. However, advice about how to live one’s life is inherently subjective and therefore has an element of randomness […]

Taking Time and Space to Reflect

How do you like quiet solitude? If you enjoy it, that’s usually a sign of inner peace. If you’re comfortable with who you are and your life is broadly as you want it to be, taking time and space to reflect can be a wholly positive experience. Studies show that silence is good for the brain, […]